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The New York Dance Band Orchestra, for the wedding of your dreams.

You are romantic, love dancing, appreciate fine music....and dream of waltzing in style to a magnificent orchestra.

photo of the New York Dance Band Orchestra

The music you love to hear is a combination of the symphonic sounds of Johann Strauss combined with the swinging sounds of the original Artie Shaw orchestra, with a dash of Xavier Cugat and Lawrence Welk... and perhaps some Mantovani, or Handel's Water Music during dinner.

The tempos are ideal for ballroom dancing.

The orchestrations are in good taste.

The volume is not too loud, not too soft.

Each selection is just long enough.

As the wedding party enters, the orchestra is playing 'Here Comes the Bride' or 'The Bridal Chorus' from Lohengrin.

For your first dance, 'Unforgettable' or 'As Time Goes By'.

You've sometimes heard these selections played by ordinary bands, using ordinary instruments. But the music simply cannot sound elegant without a full string section - one which includes violi and celli.

For a wedding with hundreds of guests, five over-amplified musicians or a DJ both looks and sounds inappropriate.

It is impossible to get the sound of a full string section without a string section. The sound of strings is one which never becomes tiring.

Bob January has spent many years of writing and testing his unique orchestrations which are necessary to create this ideal blend of symphonic and danceable music, and then to organize it, into a format which you and your guests will never forget.

No other orchestra uses this approach.

Bob has been leading dance orchestras for many years, in the Rainbow Room and elsewhere, and has played for weddings and large shows. (See About Bob January ) Now, thanks to recommendations by Maestro Kurt Masur of the New York Philharmonic, he has been given the opportunity to bring together the orchestrations and the musicians for this ideal dance orchestra, and for several years, has played for some of New York City's most elegant balls.

In the past, this concept of an orchestral wedding has a much wider appeal.

Johann Strauss traveled by stagecoach with his twenty-six musicians, playing for weddings, balls and even funerals.

Life is simpler today. The New York Dance Band Orchestra regularly appear throughout the New York City metropolitan area, sometimes with the Rainbow Room Orchestra or even with just a few musicians.

When you choose The New York Dance Band Orchestra, Bob January will personally attend to the playing, conducting and supervising of his most elegant music. He will work with you in designing the wedding of your dreams, and the wedding you and your guests will enjoy that day and remember forever.

Please take a few moments to visit the 'Musical Selections for Weddings' page. This list is not intended to be exclusive but to give you a vision of the selections that have traditionally been played at weddings and that I have found over the years, to be suitable and enjoyable for guests.

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