Whether your special occasion is small, medium, or large, appropriate music will enhance the ambiance. We have played for graduation balls, birthday parties (including Warren Buffet and Dustin Hoffman, baseball season opening days, weddings (jazz, classical, show biz, Christian, Jewish, Latino) , Christenings, Office Parties, Hockey Playoffs, Country Club Dances, W.N.E.W cruises, swing dance weekends, Fourth of July celebrations, corporate mergers, hospital openings, and private dances which seemed to not have any special reason, except, perhaps, that the family had a single day when they could all be together, and wanted to both rest at home, and to hear live music. Johann Strauss and his entire orchestra even played at the funeral of one of his admirers.

Bands sound exactly like what they look like. If a band has two guitars, a bass guitar, and a drummer, that band CANNOT sound like a band which has seven violins, two celli, two violi, etc...

If a band has four trumpets and four trombones, it MUST sound more like Stan Kenton than the Beatles.

All this is obvious, but these facts are the ONLY (defendable) reason for Bob January to have constructed all the musical configurations which he has. And writing arrangements for these groups is the ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the questions of supplying the correct sound for each occasion.

For the Marvel Comics Office Party I used banjo, trumpet, clarinet trombone and tuba). For Gordon Park's birthday party, I used saxophone, vocalist, piano, bass, and drums. For a Latino Wedding I used piano, drums, timbales/vocal, bass/vocal, trumpet and tenor sax. For the Quadrille Ball I use seven violins, two violi, two celli, three woodwinds, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass and drums.

Each of these groups looks different and sounds different. What distinguishes this group of musicians from all other groups, is that Bob January appears personally with each one, and orchestrates (writes the music as it will be played) for each one. Whatever your particular event requires, Bob will design a program that is suitable and unforgettable.

An alternative exists, should you have your own musicians, where you might work together under the supervision and direction of Bob, to assemble your own musical presentation. The possibilities are plentiful. Please feel free to follow the 'using your musicians' and the 'musicians you will need' links below. Drop a note from our Contact page, describing your particular situation and you will be responded to very shortly. Thank you for visiting.

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